Breast Prosthesis – Atherton – All Woman

If you have undergone breast surgery recently or many years ago we can discuss your needs in the privacy of a separate fitting room and outline the latest developments in breast prosthesis with you.

Whether you have had a mastectomy or a lumpectomy there are prosthesis to help you feel more confident and in balance again. It is important to replace the weight that has been removed if only one breast has had surgery – this will prevent your neck and shoulder muscles from being strained.

There is a large range of prosthesis and our accredited fitters will discuss your lifestyle and needs with you to ensure the correct prosthesis is offered.

Along with the breast forms, we stock a range of prosthetic bras and prosthetic swimwear so wherever you go, you can look and feel the same as every other woman.

We want you to feel comfortable and confident when wearing your prosthesis so we urge you to call for an appointment (approximately 30 – 45 minutes) when we do the initial fitting, and then if we do need to order in the prosthesis for you, we will ask you to come in for a second time to ensure you are satisfied with the fitting and products.

Please wait for 6 weeks after your surgery before the initial fitting appointment. This will allow your body to settle any swelling or bruising and your wound to heal.

The prosthesis is guaranteed for 2 years by the suppliers we use – Amoena and Trulife. The Commonwealth Government has a programme to cover the cost of breast prostheses for any woman in Australia who has used her Medicare card when undergoing breast cancer surgery. If you have private health cover you are required to claim through them first if your policy allows, but Medicare would make up the difference to $400 per prosthesis every two years. This will all be explained at the time of your initial fitting.

If you would like to make an appointment to discuss your options before surgery or have a fitting post-surgery then please phone us on 07) 40913839 and one of our trained staff will help get you started.

Our trained team will guide you through the fitting process